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Car Key Broke Off In The Lock?

Chicago Broken Car keyAs awful as it sounds, sometimes it happens that a car key breaks off in a door lock or in the ignition.  Now what?

One thing NOT to do is fiddle with it using pliers or some other tool, so while the internet is certainly a great place to find many different solutions to lots of problems, your car is simply too expensive and necessary to your everyday life risk.

Trying to force the key out usually causes damage to the lock, and then you have a broken key and a broken lock,  which results in a much more expensive repair.  Not to mention the down time needed to replace your lock or ignition, compared to the quick and easy process a specially trained technician has to properly remove the broken key.  After removing the key, without damaging the lock or the ignition, Keymergency Locksmith can then produce a new set of keys for you and test them out to ensure they are strong and in working order.

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“Thanks BEN!!! My daughters were stranded and you SAVED THE DAY!!! The response time was awesome!!! Thanx again for everything.”

-Tracie C..

“In an unfortunate turn of events I lost my ONLY car key! Just my luck lol but Thank goodness for Ben @ KeyMergency Locksmith for his excellent service!”

-Courtney B..

“This guy is fast and amazing!!!! I will gladly recommend him to anyone.... Thanks for saving 500 plus dollars and a trip to the dealership Ben!!!!”

-Natasha U..